Symptom Checker

If you are feeling unwell you can check your symptoms with our Symptom Checker. For example, try entering: “I have a headache and sore throat”.

Answer questions about your symptoms

Worried about your health?

Similar to other healthcare services, our chatbot will ask questions to help assess what might be wrong with you, based on what you have told us. Using the information you give, we will give you the information you need to make the best choices for your health.

After you have used our Symptom Checker you can also sign up for reminders and follow up notifications for certain conditions, for example migraines.

Add your personal information

The tech behind our Symptom Checker

We use Artificial Intelligence to understand your situation by analysing what you type in the chat window (as well as your age and gender), and all information you tell us is confidential! Our system then suggests the most likely conditions and assesses how serious the symptoms are and how soon (if at all) one should see a doctor or seek more urgent care.

Easy to understand consultation reports

Conditions we can help with

At the moment our Symptom Checker can calculate over 250 different conditions, and we are working on adding more each day. There are however, some conditions that we will not be able to provide information on (only the real doctors can!). You can still find safe health information about these in our Health A-Z.