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How to use Healthily/Your.MD safely

Your health is important to us, so before you start we need to make sure you understand how the service can help you.

If you are generally healthy and don’t suffer from any chronic or rare medical conditions, we can help with identifying less serious conditions that you can manage yourself and we can guide you in whether or not you should see a doctor. Healthily/Your.MD can provide safe information about specific conditions to help you decide on the next steps.

Healthily/Your.MD can’t consider all the information a doctor can, and is not able to identify all conditions or symptoms. We may not always understand the information you give us.

You should act on the suggested next steps if you think it’s appropriate for you to do so. Always visit a doctor if you’re in doubt, or if your symptoms get worse or don’t improve. If your situation is serious, always call the emergency services.

Healthily/Your.MD is not liable for any of your decisions, acts or omissions you make.

Healthily/Your.MD cannot be used for information about babies, children aged 15 and younger, pregnant women, people on immunosuppressive treatment, and people with complex or long-term conditions.

For more information read our Terms of Service, section “Our liability and disclaimer of warranties”.

Stay healthy, stay happy.