The VP AI is responsible for the definition and implementation of the algorithms that power the provision of chat, medical and recommendation services provided to our end users. This individual will demonstrate a unique combination of desire to explore the latest technological developments in Artificial Intelligence with a passion for seeing the commercial implementation of robust and practical solutions to customers.

The ideal candidate will have developed strong expertise in a specific field of Artificial Intelligence, but will be capable of leading the team across all aspect of AI and embrace all the exciting complexities of the AI engines we have created and we are constantly evolving and improving. This individual will work closely with the senior management team to create the future AI plans for the company as well as being responsible for the current products deployed to our users.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all aspects of AI across the business, which currently include: understanding user inputs and generating user output through our dedicated Chatbot and ancillary Natural Language Processing tools; dynamically identifying medical solutions through an engine using a blend of AI and statistical techniques; and optimising the provision of medical information to end users based on all available feedback mechanisms
  • Guide and inspire a team of experts in Chatbots, NLP, Bayesian Networks and Recommendations engines to help them adopt the most robust AI solution and plan for the constant evolution of each tool. Deep knowledge of a specific domain as well as a strong interest in thoroughly understanding the complexities of the broad spectrum of AI tech developed by the company is a must.
  • Liaise with the various Tech Teams to drive implementation of prototypes into ready to market solutions and support the live AI platforms, and with Product Team to optimise requirements of current and future product offerings to meet customer needs and product roadmap
  • Key liaison with Medical Team to enhance all aspects of accuracy and safety in the handling of user queries, delivering the most appropriate information to end users
  • Develop the AI roadmap using the most appropriate technologies and manage and expand in-house know-how while also developing external relationship with leading universities around the world to help keep our AI tech at the forefront of development
  • Lead our next-generation tools/Chatbots for input handling to include foreign languages beyond English while maintaining and upgrading our existing engine
  • Lead the calibration team to drive constant improvements liaising with the Analytics and Medical Teams
  • Capable of handling hybrid approaches in AI, integrating crowd-sourced elements to drive Machine Learning and developing safeguards/rules based systems that are necessary in the provision of digital healthcare solutions
  • Develop adaptable Machine Learning based ChatBot solutions that can handle spell checking, synonyms and substitutions for input management
  • Capable of identifying the most practical solution for Machine Learning and constant improvement while planning for migration to future tools
  • Liaise with internal departments to keep them abreast of all technological activity and provide regular reports to the Senior Management team and the Board to summarise progress and achievement of milestones agreed as part of the AI roadmap
  • Encourage and promote creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Ensure that AI standards and best practices are maintained across the organisation
  • Launch new key features in a timely and high-quality manner
  • Strong desire to implement leading edge AI solutions and launch viable products to satisfy consumer demand and adopting an analytics driven approach to drive implementation
  • Solid knowledge of latest AI technologies and able to compromise between long-term innovation and short term needs to launch new features in the product

Candidate Profile/Experience

  • Eager and passionate about growing a start-up
  • Thought leader and track record in applying leading AI techniques to practical business and social problems
  • Strong academic background (Master’s or PhD in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Computational Statistics, Operations Research, Machine Learning or related technical fields), author of high-impact publications on NLP/ML-related topics​ is a plus
  • Proven track record of strong verbal/written communication and presentation skills, including an ability to effectively communicate with both business and technical teams
  • Excellent planning, project management, leadership, and talent management skills
  • The ideal candidate is someone with deep knowledge of the industry, i.e. an expert in computational natural language processing, Bayesian networks, advanced ML techniques (SVM, PCA, T-SNE, Word2Vec, neural networks including Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Adversarial Learning, GANs etc.)
  • Experience with Open Source technologies, ML libraries, and programming languages
  • Experience in implementing and validating big data algorithms and models with solid programming skills (such as C++, Java, Python, R or other) and machine learning tools (such as TensorFlow, Caffe, LibSVM, Scikit-learn or other).
  • Hands on experience developing machine learning algorithms (regression, random forest, clustering, etc.), using relevant programming languages, and big data tools. Experience in evaluating and making decisions around the use of new or existing tools for a project.

Compensation & Location

  • Working with an ambitious, highly talented and very friendly team with a very flexible approach
  • Competitive package with base, bonus and equity to be discussed

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