Are you a medical student with fluency in another language? Are you passionate about making a difference? Are you eager to gain insight into the fast-paced digital health sector? … Then read on!

It’s our belief that everyone should have access to healthcare. Sadly, for millions of people around the world, this is not yet the case.

Whether in the emerging markets - where it’s estimated that half of the population have limited or no access to a healthcare professional - or in the developed world, where the huge disparity between the demand for doctors and the supply is leading to long waiting times and increased pressure on healthcare systems, Your.MD provides a solution.

We created Your.MD so anyone with a mobile phone, anywhere in the world, can have immediate access to trustworthy, personalised health advice for free. Your.MD has the ability to save lives… and you can help!

To apply, email us at

Position description:

  • Your.MD’s artificial intelligence relies on an extensive and constantly expanding database of up-to-date and medical conditions, covering a broad spectrum of specialties.
  • You can be part of a growing team of doctors who are populating Your.MD’s medical brain with peer reviewed data about the weight of personal factors or local prevalence of conditions from publications such as the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Lancet.
  • Help us with capturing medical information in different languages, for example, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Help provide information and expertise while learning about the workings of artificial intelligence in healthcare.
  • Help us with the constant improvements of the inner workings of our Medical Brain, to make it even more accurate, and effectively help more people
  • Help us standardise the provision of healthcare information to the highest standards globally (thanks to the NHS, or something like that)
  • Be at the front-line of building a trailblazing tool to improve healthcare for millions of people in need (Your.MD is already the most accurate symptom checker in the market today, having been the #1 health app in over 100 countries!)

In Return:

  • You’ll gain invaluable insight into the digital health movement.
  • We will reimburse you for your time
  • You’ll impart knowledge and insight that will contribute towards helping millions of people around the world gain access to reliable and trustworthy health advice, that otherwise might not be available.
  • You’ll be provided support by Your.MD’s in-house team of highly skilled medics.
  • Flexible hours to suit you - any contribution is welcome, no matter how minimal.