How accurate is Your.MD?

Your.MD’s complex ‘medical brain’ is informed by a database that is sourced from validated medical literature covering over 1,000 medical conditions, and a large data ­set populated by a team of NHS-trained doctors.

This data set enables Your.MD’s chatbot to ask users questions. For example, it can:

  • Decide the most informative questions to ask the user based on their input and profile.
  • Work out dynamically the probability of the user suffering from one or more specific conditions.

Your.MD’s accuracy has been reviewed by an external auditing company. Testing involved assessment of performance against externally-verified medical test cases from renowned institutions. This is the same method used to test trainee doctors.

Further accuracy testing is carried out against Your.MD’s own medical test cases so that testing can be more accurate.

Although we strive for the best possible accuracy, please be aware that no artificial intelligence chatbot can reach an accuracy level of 100% yet. So, when in doubt, always consult your doctor.