What is Your.MD?

The Your.MD Personal Health Assistant is a free, globally accessible, comprehensive chatbot that provides you with personalised and trustworthy healthcare assistance whenever you need it.

It has three core functionalities to help you get better and stay healthy:

  • Health Consultations – you can speak to the bot about your health concerns in complete confidence. The bot will understand your queries and ask follow-up questions according to your symptoms, personal factors (gender, age etc.) and health history to guide you to the most likely cause of the symptoms. It does this using the best mathematical approach to simulate the thought process of a doctor.
  • Health Search - you can search Your.MD's Health A-Z to find information on many health queries. This information is either sourced directly from the UK’s NHS or content created and verified by our team of doctors following rigorous review and adherence to safety procedures.
  • Health Services - should you need more than just information, Your.MD can recommend the most suitable services and products specific to your need. Your.MD's OneStop Health™ helps you find the most relevant health services in your area and enables you to get immediate referrals to vetted specialists and services. Whether you want to find a local doctor, engage in a video-based consultation, look for an online pharmacy or book a therapy session, OneStop Health™ is the only place you need to go. Please note that some of the services listed within OneStop Health™ are premium paid-for services, and some are free.

Your.MD is the first one-stop shop in assisted self-care (otherwise known as pre-primary care), allowing people to take control of all aspects of their health, from understanding different conditions to finding the best solution – all via a chatbot.