What is the Health A-Z and how do I access it?

The Your.MD Health A-Z is a directory of conditions, treatments and medications, listed in alphabetical order. Each page has its own ‘information card’ that consists of an overview of the condition, its symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatments and anecdotes from real people who suffer from the condition. ‘Information cards’ are written by journalists in a way that everyone over the reading age of 7-years can easily understand. You can check Your.MD's Health A-Z by either:

  1. Pressing the A-Z button in the top right of the screen (apps only)
  2. Opening the menu and selecting 'Health A-Z' (apps only)
  3. Ask about a condition within the chat. For example: “Tell me about Migraines” or “What are the symptoms of Diabetes”

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What are the Health Goals?

Health Goals is a quick and easy way to stay focused on your health priorities. Simply select your chosen health goals to receive regular articles, via the Your.MD app, that will support you day-to-day through useful and actionable information. You can select from topics including General Health, Healthy Pregnancy & Fertility, Improve Fitness, Improve Mood, Improve Nutrition, Improve sleep, Lose Weight and Reduce Stress. You can find Health Goals by clicking on the menu icon in the top left of your screen (Not available on messengers).

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What is the Health Tracker?

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