How can I get Your.MD?

Since Your.MD is chat based, it's been built to be accessible on multiple platforms. The chatbot can be accessed via the free iOS/Android app, popular messenger platforms (such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, Slack and Telegram), and via the web.

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How can Your.MD help me?

Your.MD is your very own Personal Health Assistant and is here to help 24/7. By using Your.MD you can access free healthcare information and guidance that it personalised just to you. Your.MD can help ascertain what might be wrong with you, provide easy-to-understand information on various conditions and help refer you to the most suitable doctor, specialist or product provider so you can get the most suitable treatment option as quickly as possible. The service is free to use and globally accessible, currently available as a mobile application, a contact on popular messengers or a web tool. A leader in assisted self-care, Your.MD enables instant and personalised health information and recommendations to those that need it – any time, anywhere.

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How do I use Your.MD?

What is Your.MD?

  • Health Consultations – you can speak to the bot about your health ailments in total confidence and the bot will understand, ask pertinent questions according to your symptoms, personal factors (gender, age etc.) and health history to provide you with information about the most likely cause of your symptoms. It does this using the best mathematical approach to simulate the thought process of a doctor.

  • Health Search - you can search Your.MD's A-Z to find information on any health query. All information provided is sourced directly from NHS Choices, and regularly updated under license. We also have localized NHS Choices content to make it user friendly.

  • Health Services - should you need more than just information, Your.MD will be able to recommend the most suitable services and products specific to your individual need. Your.MD's OneStop Health™ helps you find the most relevant health services in your area and enables you to get immediate referrals to the safest, most suitable specialists and services. Whether you need to find a local doctor or want a video-based consultation; looking for an online pharmacy or want to book a therapy session, OneStop Health™ is the only place you need to go. * Please note that some of the services listed within OneStop Health™ are premium, and some are free.

Your.MD is the first one-stop-shop in assisted self-care (otherwise known as pre-primary care), allowing people to take full control of each stage of their health: from understanding different conditions to finding the best treatment – all via a chatbot.

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Who are the people behind Your.MD?

What is the Health A-Z and how do I access it?

  1. Ask about a condition within the chat. For example: “Tell me about Migraines” or “What are the symptoms of Diabetes”

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What are the Health Goals?

What are the Health Quizzes?

What is the Health Tracker?

How can I access OneStop Health™?

How much does OneStop Health™ cost?

What is OneStop Health™?

What are Self-Assesments?

Can I call a Doctor?

If I'm in Doubt, should I see a Doctor?

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How can you contact you?

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Is Your.MD available in any other language?

Are there any jobs available at Your.MD?

Is Your.MD Safe?

Are you Doctors?

Can Your.MD replace my doctor?

How accurate is Your.MD?

Is my data secure?