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Is your sleep improving?
Sunday, 7 June · 2 min read

Did you discover that you may not be getting the best quality sleep each night at the start of this week?

If so, which of our tips and lifestyle changes have you taken on board -- and have they helped?

  • did you cut down on caffeine or spicy foods?
  • are you drinking warm milk and eating tart cherries?
  • have you stopped working up until bedtime?
  • have you set yourself a night time routine?

Whatever you’ve tried, be sure to keep going -- and if it’s not helping, try any of our other tips and advice from the week.

Some changes can quickly improve your sleep, while others take more time to work, so don't worry if you haven't noticed a huge improvement over the past few days. The best thing you can do is be consistent - so continue putting our tips into action.

You can build on the progress you've made in the coming weeks by monitoring your sleep using one of our sleep trackers to spot any real improvements -- and let us know what’s worked for you on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If your sleep problems still don't improve, see a doctor.

Quote of the day

Sleep is the best meditation. -- Dalai Lama

Can't sleep? Try these yoga poses before bed

Certain yoga positions can help to improve your sleep, according to Harvard Medical School.

Our infographic shows some of the poses they suggest.