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Is working from home harming your health? Check if you’ve picked up these habits
Tuesday, 7 July · 2 min read

If you’ve been working from home for a few months now you may have dropped some of the good habits you started out with.

Do you still have a morning routine, including getting dressed properly for the day? Are you taking breaks, including a lunch break, and switching off at the end of the working day? Is your workspace comfortable, allowing you to sit properly and not arched over a laptop keypad?

These are just a few things that can easily slip when work and home become the same place.

If you answered no to any of the above questions, it may be worth taking a moment to check in on your work habits. You can improve your physical and mental wellbeing by:

  • getting enough sleep -- a bedtime routine can help, including waking up and going to bed at the same time
  • showering and getting dressed each morning as if you’re going to work -- even if you don’t always see the point
  • taking a lunch break and regularly leaving your computer to walk around to get your muscles moving
  • sitting on a chair that reduces strain on your lower back and not hunching your back while working
  • switching off at a set time -- be sure to stop working at a certain time
  • exercising regularly and following a healthy diet
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