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How to make sure your relationships survive lockdown
Thursday, 30 April · 3 min read

Whether it’s with a partner, sibling or close friend, maintaining strong relationships is important for our happiness and general wellbeing.

During a time like this, it's worth nurturing these relationships as it could help you cope with some of the problems that may be created by being in lockdown.

Here are 5 ways to help make sure your relationships survive lockdown:

  1. Set aside time to connect - give your time as generously as you can, and connect with people in a way that suits them. For example, if someone isn’t confident using video technology, teach them how to use it or phone them instead.

  2. Be present - pay as much attention as possible to the people in your life. Set a reminder to check in with them at a time when you can be completely focused on them and not on work or other commitments.

  3. Talk, then listen without judgement - try to always talk to someone instead of talk at them, then really listen to what they say. Focus on their needs at that moment, then advise them without passing judgement.

  4. Agree on boundaries - if you’re working from home and you share that home with a friend or partner, agree on who’s using which parts of the home and when. Aim to share household tasks and allocate those tasks fairly and equally.

  5. Recognise when a relationship is unhealthy - if something isn’t working in a relationship or a relationship is making you unhappy, be honest with yourself about it. Only when you acknowledge a problem can you take steps to solve it.

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We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. -- J.K. Rowling

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