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Is the new normal making you more anxious?
Sunday, 2 August · 2 min read

Going out is not what it used to be. You now have masks, handwashing and social distancing to keep in mind every time you leave your home.

This can take over your thoughts, and it’s enough to make most people feel anxious or stressed at some point in their day.

According to mental health charity Mind UK, it's not just about doing the right things either. There's also the added stress of being seen to do them and other people’s opinions of you.

Mind UK suggests a series of tips to help you cope with certain situations:

  1. Are you worried about asking someone to keep a distance?
    Rehearse the situation and have lines ready to say if it happens
  2. Do face masks make you feel panicky or uncomfortable?
    Do something to relax or get some fresh air before and after wearing one
  3. Is keeping a distance making you stressed?
    Take a moment at home or in the car to breathe, and signal the stress is over (for now)
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Your mental health is a priority. Your happiness is an essential. Your self-care is a necessity.


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