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Is exercise good for digestion?
Tuesday, 29 September · 1 min read

During times of uncertainty, moderate exercise can provide a number of health benefits — it can lift your mood, boost your circulation and improve your sleep quality.

And if staying home more has left you feeling more bloated or sluggish (inactive) than normal and generally lacking in energy, it can also help to improve these symptoms.

Regular exercise increases blood flow to your stomach and intestines and helps to move food through your digestive system.

This reduces your chances of developing gas or becoming bloated.

Even just 10 to 15 minutes of moderate exercise multiple times a day can help your digestive system perform at its best.

But it's worth noting that timing is important and that intense physical activity can sometimes make digestive problems worse. For example, an intense workout soon after a meal can cause indigestion and heartburn.

So if you're planning a more challenging workout, wait at least an hour after eating a big meal.

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