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Spending too much time on screens? Here's how to cut down
Wednesday, 27 May · 2 min read

It’s likely you've spent more time looking at screens these past few weeks than ever before.

You may be working from home, keeping up with the news or searching for entertainment online because there’s little else to do.

But too much time watching screens can impact your sleep and make you less physically active, which could affect your mood and weight. It can also cause headaches or eye strain.

So try to limit screen time by:

  1. Tracking your use of laptops and phones, and setting goals to slowly bring it down.
  2. Agreeing to limit screen time with others in your household.
  3. Creating a phone-free zone or time, such as mealtimes or just before bed.
  4. Leaving your phone and going for a walk outside or simply moving away from your device.

But make sure your goals are realistic.

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If you resist change, you resist life. -- Sadhguru

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