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Worried about staying safe after lockdown? Try this
Tuesday, 26 May · 2 min read

Whether you’re starting to head out more as lockdowns ease or you’re still only making essential journeys, it’s important to protect yourself as you come into contact with other people.

As well as washing your hands, using face masks and following physical distancing guidelines, another step you can take is to keep your immune system as strong as possible.

You can strengthen your body’s natural defences by:

  • getting plenty of sleep -- disrupted sleep can weaken your immune system, while a good night’s rest can encourage your body to make and release more white blood cells (these protect your body from infectious diseases)
  • eating a balanced diet -- getting enough protein, vitamin A and zinc from your diet can all help to keep you healthy
  • avoiding stress -- when your body is stressed, it releases a hormone (corticosteroid) that can suppress your body's defences and make the immune system less effective. Stress can also adversely affect your sleep

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The many reasons to keep exercising

If you're still not able to visit a gym, do team sports or other forms of exercise, it’s more important than ever to look after your health by staying in shape.

Regular exercise can reduce your risk of a number of health conditions, including depression, as outlined in this graphic by Public Health England.

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