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Need to calm your mind? Tune into nature
Monday, 25 May · 2 min read

Spending time in nature can both energise and relax your brain and body.

Even though most of us live in urban areas, research shows we still need to connect with nature -- by either going outside or from inside our own homes --- and if we don’t, our mental health can suffer.

Connecting with the natural world can help if you’re feeling:

  • tired - if you can go outside, exercising in the open air can help to improve sleep, making you feel less tired during the day
  • uninspired - the sights and sounds that greet you on a walk through a park can be enough to get those creative juices flowing. If you can’t step outside, search YouTube for a video that allows you to recreate the sound of flowing rivers, the wind or birds chirping
  • depressed or anxious - there’s evidence that exercise can help with mild depression and anxiety. Take a walk or do a home workout with the windows open
  • disconnected - being in nature can give you a sense of belonging to the wider world, which can improve mental health. Alternatively, you can bring the outdoors inside by introducing plants, images or objects into your home that reflect the natural world

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