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How to take control of your fears
Friday, 24 April · 2 min read

When faced with uncertainty and an endless stream of news reports that forecast the worst-case scenario, it’s easy to become fearful of the future -- and get drawn into a spiral of anxiety.

Mindfulness is a useful way to take control of any fears you may have by quietening your mind and bringing you back to the present moment.

Here’s a quick mindfulness exercise to try when you next feel anxious.

Find a comfortable place to sit and keep your back straight, feet flat on the ground and hands in your lap. Then:

  • concentrate on your breathing
  • notice your thoughts, but don’t engage with them -- just be aware of having thoughts.
  • turn your attention to the sounds around you.
  • if your mind starts to wander and you feel like you’re losing focus, bring your attention back to your breathing.

Do this for 5 to 10 minutes.

How do you feel?

Quote of the day

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