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Is the heat affecting your sleep? 7 tips to stay cool
Tuesday, 23 June · 2 min read

If hot nights are affecting your sleep, this may be because your body temperature can't drop to where it needs to be for a restful night.

Creating a cool, comfortable environment is key to sleeping soundly in the heat. To do this you can:

  • open windows and doors in the evening to get cooler air circulating
  • if you have a fan, position it across from a window so it creates a breeze
  • swap heavy bedding for lightweight cotton sheets
  • apply an ice pack or cold compress to your 'pulse points' (inside of your wrists, behind your knees) before you go to bed
  • stay hydrated during the day
  • take a glass of water to bed with you as this will help to regulate your body temperature
  • if you sleep with a partner, put a pillow between you to help prevent their body heat from warming you up

If these changes don't work, there are other things you can try to improve your sleep overall.

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