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What a little natural light can do for your mental health
Friday, 22 May · 2 min read

You may have found it more difficult to experience natural daylight each day in recent weeks.

But certain health benefits from short-term exposure to the sun make it necessary to get outside when you can.

Daylight is known to:

  • improve sleep - studies suggest that the more natural light you’re exposed to, the better you sleep. As sleep is closely linked with mental health, spending more time outdoors may help to improve your wellbeing generally

  • boost vitamin D - your skin absorbs the nutrient vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Some studies suggest that the vitamin can help to regulate your mood and reduce depression and anxiety

If you’re still under lockdown and not getting as much natural sunlight as you’d like, open the blinds or curtains when you wake up -- or leave them open while you sleep so you wake up with the sun.

Doing this can help to put your sleep-wake cycle back on track.

Quote of the day

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