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Ever struggled to get an erection? This may be the reason why
Sunday, 21 June · 2 min read

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is fairly common -- particularly in older men.

In fact, it’s thought that half of all men over 40 will experience it to a certain extent.

It’s usually nothing to worry about as the most common causes of impotence are lifestyle-related -- stress, anxiety, tiredness and drinking too much alcohol.

If it keeps happening, however, it’s worth looking at which of these 4 factors may be the underlying cause:

  • are you not getting enough sleep?
  • are you feeling more anxious these days?
  • is something in your life making you stressed?
  • how many units of alcohol are you drinking? -- Is it more than 14 a week?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, try addressing that issue and see if it helps.

But if you struggle to get an erection for a few weeks, you should see a doctor for a general health check as erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of conditions such as heart disease.

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