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4 creative ways to cut down on your screen time
Monday, 20 July · 2 min read

Do you often reach the end of a work day only to realise that you've barely stepped away from your screen?

If working from home more has increased the amount of time you spend using a computer, then it's important to address this, as staring at a screen for too long can give you eye strain, blurred vision and headaches.

Try these tips to help you take regular screen breaks.

Set up a single news feed

You can waste hours reading stories on unreliable sites. Instead, find a trusted news source you like and sign up to receive updates. This way you’re not sifting through pages of sites and spending longer than you need to looking at your screen.

Eat lunch away from your desk

If you tend to use your lunch hour to catch up on social media or updates, try to change this. Use your break to focus on preparing and eating your food in the kitchen - you may find you enjoy eating it more too.

Set a timer

If you’re spending longer at your desk because of poor productivity, you need to change your habits. You could download a timer app to help you focus and get through tasks. They can tell you when to take a break, when to focus and allow you to clock off at a reasonable hour.

Ban smartphones in the bedroom

When you climb into bed, resist the urge to look at your phone just before you switch off the lights -- the blue light from these devices can trick your brain into thinking you want to stay awake.

Quote of the day

I had a life once…now I have a computer.


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