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Bored of video chats? Here are 5 new ways to socialise virtually
Friday, 1 May · 3 min read

Life under lockdown has given rise to Houseparty hangouts, Zoom family catch-ups and virtual celebrations.

But if you’re now bored of the same old video chats, why not try one of these 5 ways to put a spark back into your digital social life.

Start a group journal

A group diary can act as a daily check-in, documenting the lives of friends or family. Start a Google Docs sheet and share it with the relevant people, then when life returns to ‘normal’ you’ll have a written reminder of what life was like during this rather strange time.

Send a weekly email 'newsletter'

Get your friend group to send email newsletters to each other every week. It could be as simple as a bullet point list of the things you've read, watched, played, photographed, commented on, eaten, cried over, laughed at in the previous week.

Start a book club on Twitter

Set up a Twitter account and hashtag just for discussing books, then arrange for everyone to read the same title within a set period of time. Take it in turns to recommend a book so everyone has to read genres outside their comfort zone. You can start a book group on other social channels too.

Host a board game night

Find an online version of your favourite board game that you can play with friends. Pictionary, Chess and Checkers are just some of the games you can play for free online using a laptop.

Google Arts & Culture is currently a lifeline for art lovers. You can take a virtual tour of a museum or gallery together while sharing your screen.

Quote of the day

A well spent day brings happy sleep. -- Leonardo da Vinci

How to fit relaxation into your daily life

If you’re concerned about your mental wellbeing, there are things you can do to help you relax and stay calm during this stressful time.

You could try baking, reading, running a bath or playing with your pet. These are just a few examples of things worth trying, but whatever helps will be unique to you.

Here are 8 tips for relaxation from the UK's mental health charity Mind.