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How to avoid dry eyes this winter
Sunday, 18 October · 2 min read

It’s fairly common to get dry eyes during the winter months, especially if you’re out in cold, windy weather.

So how can you help prevent it happening to you this winter?

When your eyes are dry, it means your tears aren’t keeping them properly lubricated (or moist). This can damage and inflame the surface of your eyes, making them itchy, red or blurry.

This is more likely to happen in certain conditions, including cold weather as the air is drier and you're also more likely to have the central heating on when inside — which further dries out the air.

But you can help avoid dry eyes this winter by:

  • wearing wraparound sunglasses or goggles outside — to block dry, windy air
  • using a humidifier to stop indoor air becoming dry
  • directing heaters and hair dryers away from your eyes
  • getting lots of sleep — to rest your eyes

If you're spending more time at home at the moment, you may also be looking at screens more often, which can lead to dry eyes.

Try to avoid looking at screens for long periods of time and take breaks regularly to rest your eyes.

If you use a computer, keep it at eye level to avoid straining your eyes.

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