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How to survive working from home with your partner
Saturday, 18 April · 3 min read

Working from home with your partner is rarely smooth sailing. From putting up with their annoying habits to fighting for the best desk space, turning your home into a joint office can take a toll on your relationship and mental health.

Here are 4 steps worth trying to take the stress out of working from home with your partner.

  1. Develop an office hours schedule. Make it clear when the day starts and stops to make sure you both remain productive but don’t end up working all day.

  2. Set boundaries and respect them. You both have work responsibilities that matter, so speak up about what is and isn’t acceptable to both of you during a working day - and do so early on.

  3. Have separate work spaces (if possible). This should help you to keep your work and personal life separate. When the working day is over, leave your separate rooms and only return the next morning.

  4. Be clear about who's in charge of specific domestic tasks. As you’re both at home all day, there will be more chores to do. Clarify who’s in charge of tasks like doing the dishes and cooking lunch each day and you’re less likely to end up arguing.

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