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How to avoid burnout while working from home
Wednesday, 15 July · 2 min read

Working from home has its perks, such as spending more time with family and saving time and money from losing your commute. But the lack of separation between your work and personal life can make it easier to work too much -- and experience burnout.

Have you noticed yourself staying online just a few minutes longer to get something done, only for that to become an hour or more? Are you unable to switch off, causing you to check messages out-of-hours because your laptop is right there?

It’s easy for those boundaries to become blurred when working from home, particularly as you may be socialising less than usual at the moment.

Take a moment to think about your working day and, if good habits have slipped, make some changes to help maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. Try to:

  • set office hours -- and stick to them
  • take time off -- and switch off during this time
  • communicate regularly with your manager and team -- don’t keep concerns to yourself
  • use what would be your commute time for you -- not to squeeze in extra work
  • eat well and regularly -- and stay hydrated
  • make time to exercise and unwind
Quote of the day

You will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

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