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Picked up bad eating habits? Here are 5 ways to swap them for good ones
Tuesday, 14 July · 2 min read

Have your eating habits taken a turn for the worse while staying at home?

You may have snacked more from boredom or started skipping breakfast and eating at irregular times as your routine changed. But as easy as it is to pick up bad habits, it can be just as easy to turn them back into good ones. Try following the tips below.

Eat breakfast
Set a time to sit down for breakfast, and if you live with other people, eat breakfast together to make it more of a habit. This will give you an energy boost and help reduce your risk of snacking later in the morning. Wholemeal bread is a good food to include as it's a good source of fibre and will leave you fuller for longer.

Limit processed food and snacks
Reduce the number of processed snacks you buy to limit temptation. It may help to keep a full bowl of fruit around to choose from if you’re hungry between meals.

Plan meals in advance
When you cook dishes like stews, soups or sauces, make extra to store in the freezer. That way you'll have a home-cooked meal to eat on the days you don’t feel like cooking.

Keep a good supply of the basics
Try keeping your store cupboard well-stocked so you always have base ingredients like oil, onions, rice, pasta or vegetables. Doing so can help you make meals quickly and reduce the temptation to get a takeaway.

Slowly cut down on fats and sugars
Studies suggest that foods high in added sugar and fat have the most potential to be addictive. This makes it harder to break bad snacking habits. But by gradually reducing these foods and swapping them for healthier food options, your cravings for healthier options might take over.

Creating new habits can take time, but if you stay focused you should be able to get back on track.

Quote of the day

The more you eat, the less flavour; the less you eat, the more flavour.

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