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Stress affects your body, not just your mood -- here’s how
Wednesday, 13 May · 2 min read

Too much stress can affect you in different ways. It can affect your mood, but also your body - causing physical pain or discomfort.

Stress can cause headaches, muscle tension and pain, upset stomachs, a lump in your throat and even alter your appetite.

So while you may think you’re handling things well during this unusual time, pay attention to your body to see whether you’re experiencing any of these symptoms - as they might have crept up on you.

If you spot any of these signs - or feel stressed in other ways - it can help to:

  • be more active
  • plan ahead
  • challenge any negative thoughts
  • split up big tasks
  • make time to focus on positive things

Quote of the day

Don’t believe every worried thought you have. Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate. -- Renee Jain

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