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How to wear your face mask properly in 10 easy steps
Saturday, 11 July · 2 min read

Authorities around the world are increasingly advising people to wear face masks when in public, particularly in places where social distancing may be difficult.

But face masks only provide protection if you wear them properly.

If you're planning to go out or see friends and family this weekend, make sure you take the following steps when wearing yours.

  1. Wash your hands before putting it on.
  2. Inspect the mask and don’t use it if it’s dirty or damaged.
  3. Check the mask covers your mouth, nose and chin.
  4. Adjust the mask so it fits your face properly -- leaving no gaps on the sides.
  5. Avoid touching the mask while wearing it.
  6. Wash your hands before taking off your mask.
  7. Take the mask off using the straps -- and don’t touch the front of it.
  8. Pull the mask away from your face when you remove it.
  9. Wash your hands again after taking the mask off.
  10. Change your mask if it gets dirty or wet.

If you need to reuse your mask while out, you should store it in a clean, resealable plastic bag -- unless it's dirty. When you put it back on, make sure you hold it by the straps again when taking it out of the bag.

Never share your mask with anyone else and you should make sure to wash it in hot water using soap or detergent at least once a day.

If you wear glasses: Avoid them fogging up by wiping your lenses before wearing them and pushing your glasses further down your nose to allow more air to circulate.

And remember that the mask alone won’t protect you and others from coronavirus. You should still keep a distance from other people and wash your hands regularly.

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