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Still struggling with kids at home? Here’s how to cope
Sunday, 10 May · 2 min read

With young ones at home all day, parenting may feel particularly overwhelming, especially if you're also working from home.

Without childcare support, the help of grandparents and other family members, or the freedom to leave your home, it’s easy to feel under strain.

And during times of stress it’s usual for children to be more clingy with their parents.

All of this can affect your mental wellbeing and as a result, you may:

  • experience mood swings
  • have difficulty recognising the needs of your children
  • struggle to follow a routine, such as mealtimes and bedtimes

To cope with increased parenting demands, you could try:

  • helping your children share their emotions creatively through play or drawing
  • home-schooling to give children a focus and help maintain a routine
  • expecting changes in behaviour
  • taking things 1 day at a time

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