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Should I go to work with a cold?

16 July 2019

It can be difficult to know whether or not to go to work with a cold. Generally it's fine to go to work but there are some occasions when you should reconsider. Find more about cold symptoms, the length of a cold, how long a cold is contagious, when to see a doctor, and treatment for a cold here.


Vitamin D deficiency: Causes, symptoms and prevention

20 September 2018

Vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle pain, fatigue, and bone pain. It is also linked to the development of diseases like osteoporosis, and up to 46% of the population is at risk of developing the condition. Learn more about vitamin D deficiency here, using content verified by certified doctors.


High blood pressure: Causes, symptoms and prevention

22 January 2019

Without a test, you may not realise you have high blood pressure as it usually doesn't cause obvious symptoms. Learn about blood pressure testing and maintaining a healthy blood pressure here.


Magnesium deficiency: Causes, symptoms and prevention

01 August 2019

Magnesium deficiency causes and symptoms. Learn who is most at risk from magnesium deficiency, and how to prevent it.


Safer sex: How to prevent STIs

02 May 2019

Millions of STIs are aqcuired around the world everyday. If you are having sex then you are at risk of catching an STI, but here we will outline how you can have safer sex to reduce your risk of getting and STA.


Vaginal discharge: What’s normal and what’s not?

11 July 2019

Vaginal discharge helps to keep the vagina healthy.


Alcohol: How much am I really drinking?

16 August 2019

Alcohol can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle, but drinking too much can be dangerous. Learn the risks of drinking too much alcohol and how to measure how much alcohol you drink.


4 benefits of mindfulness meditation

08 February 2019

Mindfulness meditation is gaining more recognition as an easy and effective way to improve your health. Studies show it may not only encourage better sleep, but also lower stress. Read more about the potential benefits here.


Tips for maintaining healthy joints

03 October 2019

Joints becomes stiff and less flexible as we age. Discover tips for maintaining healthy joints.


What do normal lymph nodes feel like?

09 July 2019

Lymph nodes are an important part of your body's immune system. If your lymph nodes become larger or swollen, this can be a sign that something is wrong. Learn more about how lymph nodes should usually feel, possible causes of swollen lymph nodes, and when you should see a doctor.


Foot infections: What causes them?

30 August 2019

Athletes foot is a common fungal infection of the foot. The infection is contagious, but is usually not serious. It can often be cured at home with anti-fungal creams or sprays.


Tips for improving your mood

16 April 2018

Some tips for improving your mood


What should I have in my first aid kit?

20 September 2019

Everyone should have a first aid kit so they can deal with minor incidents and injuries. Here you will find the first aid kit supplies you should have at home.


Comorbidity: How a chronic illness can affect your mental health

06 March 2019

Living with a chronic illness can be challenging, and recent studies have shown that there is a high comorbidity rate between chronic illness and depression. Keep reading for tips on how to manage a chronic illness and your mental health.


How to reduce your risk of dementia

28 May 2019

How to reduce your risk of dementia. New guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) reveal the lifestyle changes you can make to lower your risk of getting dementia.


Do I have the flu?

18 December 2018

Flu (or influenza) is a common viral infection that can leave you feeling exhasusted. It is often confused with a cold, but it's actually a different disease and can be more serious. Keep reading to find more information about the flu.


What are the medical causes of low libido?

06 June 2019

Medical causes of low libido or reduced sex drive. Learn the common and less common medical causes of low libido, how to manage it, and when to worry.


How to get rid of a cold sore

27 August 2019

Cold sores are small blisters that typically appear around the mouth. Find out about cold sore causes and treatments here.


How to lose weight safely

12 September 2019

Losing weight safely is the healthiest and most sustainable approach. Find out how to lose weight the right way - by making healthy changes to your lifestyle.


How does PrEP (for HIV) work?

04 July 2019

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a drug taken by people who are HIV-negative before sex to reduce the risk of getting HIV. Learn how PrEP works, how effective it is, and where it is available.


NEW: Personal Health Plans

10 October 2018

Finding the time to care for your physical and mental wellbeing can be hard. Whether you want to get better sleep, achieve a healthier weight or cut down on junk food, learn how a Personal Health Plan can help (for Android phones only).


A guide to gaining weight safely

07 September 2018

It can be difficult to gain weight, particularly if you are struggling with a medical problem. Read about how to gain weight safely and effectively here, using content verified by certified doctors.


What causes loneliness in young people?

01 February 2019

Almost everyone has experienced loneliness at some point in their lives, but loneliness among young people is becoming increasingly common. Keep reading to find out why young people are lonelier than ever, and how to prevent loneliness, as well as cope with it.


Self-care for depression: How can it help?

25 February 2019

If you suffer from depression, self-care can aid your recovery process, alongside support from your doctor. Learn more about practising self-care for depression and the treatments for depression your doctor can offer you.


How to get rid of hiccups

25 July 2019

Most people get hiccups from time to time. Find out what causes hiccups, how to cure hiccups, and when to worry about hiccups here.


Is my pee normal?

18 October 2018

Urine colour can vary from a pale straw colour to a very dark brown. Sometimes it can even be orange, green, or red too, and the reasons behind this vary. Read more to find out what they are, and if the colour of your urine is normal.


Is my poop normal?

04 December 2018

Green, yellow, red or black stool can be caused by changes to your diet or lifestyle, but changes in the colour or consistency of your poop can also be a sign of a medical condition. Learn about the reasons your stool might have changed colour.


Feminine hygiene: The vaginal health myth

30 May 2019

There is a lot of misinformation about vaginal health and anatomy. Here we will explain why ‘feminine hygiene’ fads are so dangerous, the anatomy of the vagina and vulva, and how the vagina cleans itself.


Go sober for October to improve your health

04 October 2018

Many people enjoy an occasional drink, but not everyone knows how much is 'too much'. Go Sober for October is a great opportunity to cut down on drinking. Learn more about the recommended limits, long term health risks of excessive drinking, and the benefits of drinking less.


Tips for losing weight

07 June 2018

A guide for losing weight.


How to get rid of heartburn

13 August 2019

Heartburn can cause a feeling of burning in the chest, as well as bloating, bad breath and coughing. Find out what might be causing you heartburn and how you can treat it here.


Erectile dysfunction: What can I do?

18 April 2019

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects a lot of men. It can be caused by an underlying medical issue, but there are also lifestyle changes you can make to improve ED. Learn more about the causes of erectile dysfunction, how to improve erectile dysfunction, and how to tackle performance anxiety.


Coping with early miscarriage: A guide for partners

17 September 2019

How to cope with an early miscarriage - a support guide for partners. Find information on miscarriage support groups and resources.


Haemoglobin blood test: What to expect

20 August 2019

Haemoglobin is an essential part of your red blood cells, as it helps carry oxygen around your body. A haemoglobin blood test is used to check that you have enough haemoglobin (or in some cases to make sure you don't have too much). It is usally carried out via a finger prick or by inserting a small needle into a vein in your arm.


Is gaming disorder a real thing?

18 July 2019

The World Health Organisation has called gaming disorder a mental health condition. Learn the signs of gaming disorder, how it is treated, and who is likely to develop it.


10 reasons why you might be feeling tired all the time

05 September 2018

Tiredness can be the result of a variety of factors. Sometimes this can be because of a medical condition but more often than not changes to your lifestyle can help to improve your energy levels. Read our guide about the common causes of tiredness to find out more.


How to lose belly fat

12 September 2018

Having excess belly fat can not only be unwanted, but it is often the hardest fat for us to lose. Read more to find out when you should worry about belly fat, and for some tips on reducing this hard to shift weight.


Good fats, bad fats and lowering your cholesterol

06 November 2018

It can be hard to know which kinds of fat you should be including in your diet. Learn more about 'good' fats, 'bad' fats, and how you can lower your cholesterol by changing your diet here - with information provided by certified doctors.


4 common tongue problems: Treatment and when to worry

19 September 2019

Find out how to treat some common tongue problems, when to see a doctor and when to worry.


Are e-cigarettes safe?

03 July 2019

Electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) use is on the rise. But how safe are e-cigarettes, and what are the potential risks?


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