NEW RELEASE: Now a more personal app experience

We're excited to introduce our latest feature, which promises a more personalised app experience based on your health background.

This update, available on Android, offers three key benefits:

  1. You’ll be asked tailored questions in the consultation
  2. You’ll get personalised responses relevant to your health background
  3. You can store responses to key health questions in your profile

How it works

Now you can provide information about your health background during a consultation. You can confirm if you have or don’t have asthma or diabetes, for example, and if any past or current habits may affect your health, like smoking.

If you’re using our app for the first time or are a returning user who hasn’t created a profile, you’ll be asked about your health background during a consultation, as shown below:

Image of symptom checking routine

Let’s say you report having a headache. Now you’ll also be asked to provide relevant details about your health background, such as whether you smoke or have ever smoked. By answering the smoker-status question, the app has a better picture of your overall health and can offer more personalised information.

If you’ve already set up a profile, you can now add information about your health background into your profile, as below:

Image of profile with influencing factors

Your health background information can then be used anytime you use the app.

Following any future consultation, you’ll receive a report, where any relevant health background and basic information will be included.

Image of report with influencing factors

The more our chatbot knows about your health background, the more personalised its responses to your questions.

Give it a try

This latest release will give you a more personalised app experience so you can get relevant answers to your health questions - faster.

If you’re on Android, we recommend you start the process of filling in your health background information so you can use the app to its full potential.

Simply open the app, go to your profile, and add your health background.

Health background

Fill in your health background for a more personalised experience


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