Assess your HIV risk with Your.MD

Assess your HIV risk with Your.MD

In sub-Saharan Africa HIV is one of the leading causes of death, despite being a preventable disease.

There are 19.4 million people living with HIV in eastern and southern Africa, and 6.1 million in western and central Africa. Unfortunately, many people in these regions don’t know enough about their risk of contracting HIV, how it is spread or how to prevent the infection.

HIV is a virus that attacks the cells in your body which fight infections. Over time, this weakens your body’s ability to fight everyday illnesses, which can leave you at risk of developing other diseases such as tuberculosis (TB) and pneumonia. If left untreated, HIV can lead to the development of an AIDS-related illness.

Educating people on HIV is a crucial part of the global effort in reducing the spread of the disease. That’s why we’ve added a new feature to our app for our users in Africa where they can access a risk assessment and lots of information on the prevention, causes and treatment of HIV.

Our users in Africa will see a new button when they open chat. Everyone else can access the new menu by simply typing “HIV risk” into chat.

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