What is Your.MD?

Your.MD is a free service that helps you find safe health information so you can make the best choices for your health.

If you have any questions or ideas, we'd love to hear from you.

Email us at: care@your.md


People come first

Applying technology to improve healthcare for everyone is why we exist. Our technology improves access to healthcare, allowing you to take control of your health.

Information is the key to being healthy

We believe timely access to the right health information can revolutionise healthcare and help save lives. We strive to deliver accurate, evidence based information that is easy to understand.

Made for you

We believe that everyone has a right to information about their health. Our services are designed to be personalised and easily accessible to everyone across the world, regardless of their knowledge or available technology.

Always transparent and open

What we do is defined by the core values of honesty, integrity, and transparency. We build trust by attentive listening, clear speaking, and respecting others. We are vocally self-critical, and recognise and learn from our mistakes.

Insist on the highest standards

We take pride in delivering the highest standard of clinical safety and service to our users by pushing each other to always be the best versions of ourselves. Our goal is to make sure we constantly get better at everything we do.

NHS Code of Conduct

Your.MD delivers on the NHS’ Code of Conduct for Data-Driven Health Technology.

How Your.MD adheres to the NHS Code of Conduct
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CE Mark

Your.MD meets the essential requirements of all relevant European Medical Device Directives.

CE Mark
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Secure and Trusted

Your.MD has received the ePrivacy seal for our app, which means it fully complies with the strict European laws on privacy

An ePrivacy seal is awarded to a company following a technical and legal review of their online or technical product which complies with ePrivacy seal’s criteria catalogue and the European data protection laws.


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Clinical Governance

Your.MD's Clinical Advisory Board is an authoritative body that will review, advise and provide quality assurance from a clinical and patient perspective, on health content, clinical safety and clinical strategy.

Dr. Mark Davies is Chairman of the board, which consists of six highly respected and experienced members: Prof. Maureen Baker who acts as Deputy Chair, Mark Duman, MRPharm, Dr Nick Summerton and Prof. Mahmood Adil.

Press Release

Our View on Clinical Governance

NHS Choices

We have the most trusted health information available. It comes from the UK’s National Health Service (NHS Choices), and has won numerous awards for being both accurate and accessible.

It's all reviewed by doctors making it more trustworthy than what you generally find on the internet.

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In 2017, Your.MD was awarded the prestigious Unesco/Netexplo Award 2017 for “innovations that can improve society”.

We join the ‘hall of fame’ of startups with the biggest potential discovered by the NetexploObservatory and UNESCO. Past winners include Twitter, Airbnb and Spotifyto name a few.

Netexplo ​is ​an independent observatory that studies the impact of digital tech on society and business ​under the patronage ofUNESCO – the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization. Netexplo explores the world for new uses of digital tech that can contribute to the free circulation of ideas and the promotion of universal access to knowledge, particularly in terms of information and communication technologies​.

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Pre-Primary Care Report

Your.MD has released its report on Pre-Primary Care, a new market that can revolutionise healthcare globally.

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Pre-Primary Care Follow up Report

Read the follow up to the Pre-Primary Care report, which looks at the behavioural insights and development of technology in the Pre-Primary Care Sector.

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