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Pre-Primary Care

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How Does Your.MD Work?

Check your symptoms

Say what’s wrong. Your.MD will suggest conditions based on your unique symptoms and personal profile.

Ask for any information

Ask any health questions to find answers that have been written and reviewed by doctors (and verified by the UK’s National Health Service).

Find help easily

If you need further help, Your.MD has selected partners integrated within the app to provide specialist services and information. Everything just a click away.

TRUSTED The best health advice available

We have the most trusted health information available. It comes from the UK’s National Health Service (NHS Choices), and has won numerous awards for being both accurate and accessible. It's all reviewed by doctors making it more trustworthy than what you generally find on the internet.

This success has made us the number one health app in over 100 countries.

CARING Helping people everywhere

Your.MD believes that if everyone had access to personalised health information, global health systems would improve, helping everyone in becoming healthier. That’s why Your.MD supports HIFA; an organisation actively campaigning for “Healthcare Information for All” (www.hifa2015.org). We want our high quality information to go to those who need it most, so in areas without access to doctors, Your.MD goes from being a useful tool to becoming a vital resource.

The most accurate help

Our advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) ensures all information is personalised according to your unique profile. Age, gender, location, even time of year! They all contribute to recommending information that is specific to you and what you need. Anywhere in the world, whatever the time of day, you can get high quality health information delivered to your phone.

Information you understand

Doctors can sometimes confuse you with science. That's why all the health information in Your.MD is written by a team of medical experts and journalists to make it easy to understand. It’s then reviewed by doctors to ensure everything is also medically accurate.

About Your.MD

Your.MD has built the world’s first Artificial Intelligence, Personal Health Guide.

Your.MD is democratising healthcare by enabling everyone around the world with a mobile phone to access primary healthcare. When you can't get to your doctor, or simply do not have access to a primary healthcare professional, Your.MD provides immediate trustworthy healthcare advice from the UK's National Health Service (NHS) to help you get better.

Available to download on Android or iOS as an app, or via your favourite messenger platforms, Your.MD has already provided 9.5 million sessions worldwide, becoming the number 1 health app in over 100 countries. You can be part of the healthcare revolution by using Your.MD; each interaction improves the service, not only helping you but also helping others.

Using the most advanced Artificial Intelligence, Your.MD is helping you take control of your own healthcare.

The company was founded in Oslo, Norway and is now headquartered in London, UK.